Tempo Memoria: A Museum Exhibition In Italy

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Europe where I got to experience my first museum group show with MIIT in Torino! Italy was going through a heatwave so it was a bit of a blur. Italian openings are full of good art, food and lively conversation with people. I was so thrilled and honored to be a part of this wonderful exhibition. Check out the photos below!

Artists with the museum director and curator for the opening night in Torino, Italy

TEMPO. MEMORIA: Daring to Dream Again is a project curated by Sergio Gomez. Tempo Memoria presents a riveting exhibition exploring the themes of TIME and MEMORY from a variety of world perspectives. From cultural, political, psychological, religious, or personal view points, curator Gomez invited a selective group of international artists to visually articulate and interpret to their discretion ideas of time passing, memory, dreams and our personal perceptions on such concepts. The exhibition featured twenty-five extraordinary visual artists representing the United States (Chicago, Illinois, New York City, Miami, Florida), Mexico, Korea, Philippines, Peru, Germany and Iran.

This international exhibition invites the viewer to an exploratory journey experiencing global interpretations of TIME and MEMORY while reflecting on their own personal emotions and memories.

→ Museo MIIT
→ Tempo Memoria Website

Me speaking to Italian press and audience

Me speaking to Italian press and audience

My artwork at the museum