ATM Cigarettes Flowers Lottery / God Bless Deli 2 opens on September 29th, 2017 and takes place simultaneously at two Brooklyn galleries: Wayfarers Gallery and Space Heater Gallery. An interactive scavenger hunt will take place on opening night, leading visitors through bodegas on a search for artwork, as they walk from one gallery to the other.

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Opening Reception – Transcendence of Us

The TRANS-CEN-DER Art Group is proud to present Transcendence of Us, a group exhibition featuring new works from select artists who have previously presented at our group’s monthly lecture series. The exhibition supports trans-cen-der’s mission: celebrating the diversity and variation in our local art scene.

The show, curated by Tim Gowan and Meer Musa, will take place at Brooklyn Fire Proof East's Gallery 104, (next to Temporay Storage) and will run through the 2017 Bushwick Open Studio weekend, from September 23rd through September 24, 2017.

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Our City: Free pop-up show at The New School

Our City celebrates the strength and resilience of the homeless youth whom PCYP serves. These youth make NYC a vibrant and vital place. The event will feature artworks from 17 notable emerging artists and a spoken word piece written and performed by students in theWorks, a theater group at The New School. RSVP to this free event and preview artworks at

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Tempo Memoria: A Museum Exhibition In Italy

TEMPO. MEMORIA: Daring to Dream Again is a project curated by Sergio Gomez. Tempo Memoria presents a riveting exhibition exploring the themes of TIME and MEMORY from a variety of world perspectives. From cultural, political, psychological, religious, or personal view points, curator Gomez invited a selective group of international artists to visually articulate and interpret to their discretion ideas of time passing, memory, dreams and our personal perceptions on such concepts. The exhibition featured twenty-five extraordinary visual artists representing the United States (Chicago, Illinois, New York City, Miami, Florida), Mexico, Korea, Philippines, Peru, Germany and Iran.

This international exhibition invites the viewer to an exploratory journey experiencing global interpretations of TIME and MEMORY while reflecting on their own personal emotions and memories.

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Parallel Lives - Opening in Chicago May 20

Happy to announce that my hearts titled Love and Warmth, will be traveling to Chicago. The opening night will be at the Zhou B Art Center at 33 Contemporary Gallery on Friday May 20th! 

Chicago Opening - Friday May 20, 2016 at Next Level Gallery
New York Opening - Saturday June 4, 2016 at Parenthesis Art Space

Parenthesis Art Space is pleased to present PARALLEL LIVES, a traveling exhibition series that swaps Artists work between two distinct cities to initiate conversation and context about Artist’s practices and their communities.

Parallel Lives is created and curated by Luis Martin, Founder and Chief Curator of Parenthesis Art Space currently located at Brooklyn Brush Studios in Brooklyn. The exhibition kicks off in Chicago at Next Level Gallery at the Zhou B Art Center co-curated by Sergio Gomez, Founder and Director of NXT Level Projects.

This collaboration invites the audience of both cities to think about art and the Artists that made the work in terms of context and questions the influence of place and time. Furthermore, the PARALLEL LIVES series will create a platform to expand the Artist’s reach to forge a wider sense of community and visibility.

Both events coincide with established community art events. The Chicago opening will occur on May 20th, during “Third Fridays”, a longstanding monthly program initiated by Sergio Gomez that has created a robust audience around the Artists at the Zhou B Art Center. The New York opening takes center stage in Bushwick during an annual weekend summer arts festival, that is now a major attraction for the New York art audience.

Talks are currently in place for exchanges with Artist communities in Santurce, Puerto Rico and Mexico City, Mexico.

For press inquiries and Artists list, contact Luis Martin at 1+(917) 538-0364.
For information in Chicago contact Sergio Gomez at 1+(708) 837-4534
For general inquiries, contact Parenthesis Art Space at

Spring/Break, Volta, Independent, Art On Paper

It was a crazy few days of running around to all the different fairs to see all the art.  I also did an instagram account takeover for @parenthesisprojects, check out my highlights below!

Back From Art Basel!

Me having fun at the Red Bull offices in Miami

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the Parenthesis booth at X Contemporary to see my work in Miami! It was my first time showing in Miami and while it was tons of work, I still had a blast! I had a great time making new friends and seeing some incredible artwork.

I'm looking forward to 2016 with my first international show in Italy! Stay tuned. I'm super excited to announce the details in the upcoming year. Until then I hope you enjoy some of these fun photos of my time in Miami. Cheers! - A

ART QA Interview

Thanks to ART QA for featuring me in their magazine where I talk about how I came to make art and my work process. My lengthy interview is now out in their Autumn Issue! 

ART QA magazine's aim is to cultivate, foster and encourage broader conversations to and between those viewing, working with and making art. 

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