November 13, 2015

Annesta Le in 40°N 74°W
December 1-6, 2015
X Contemporary, Miami Art Week 2015, Art Basel Miami Beach

Vernissage: December 1, 5-10pm 

Annesta Le is pleased to announce her participation in the inaugural edition of X Contemporary during Miami Art Week 2015 at Art Basel Miami Beach. X Contemporary will include over 27 exhibitors from the United States, Europe, and South America, and emphasize a crossover between postwar and contemporary art while considering the art historic importance of trends and cultural influences impacting artists today. Le will be featured in 40°N 74°W, an exhibition that pulls an exquisite thread from the broad coil that is the New York art scene, curated by Luis Martin from Parenthesis Art Space in Brooklyn, New York.

In 40°N 74°W, Annesta Le will present both sculptural and wall neon pieces made from phosphor color-coated circular glass tubes, inert gas, and wire. Each piece is the product of her organic process of hand-bending glass tubes of neon light into complementary shapes with congruent angles and twists, and then arranging them based on color, form, and their interplay with one another. The resultant compositions are intense, energetic, and interconnected, highlighting the spontaneity and uniqueness of Le’s work.

Influenced by the tumult of her earlier life, Annesta Le’s experimentation with neon explores and embodies a dichotomous pull of forces. Because of the intensity and effect of neon light itself, Le purposely chooses colors and hues that do not overpower, such as a peachy, white “sunrise” that evokes a soft, yet not weak or subtle, warmth and glow. A bold pop of “cobalt blue” might juxtapose, with the outcome being fluid, codependent forms that are at once unapologetic and simultaneously compassionate, forging a creative path that is distinctively Annesta Le.

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Contact: Luis Martin
Phone +1 917 538-0364