Annesta began her love affair with dance music in the iconic '90s rave era. It was during this time that she started DJing and helping to produce and promote parties in underground venues as well as music festivals. Annesta has had her hand in multiple facets of the electronic dance music scene in the myriad places that she has lived: stage management, creative direction, art direction of an electronic music magazine, the founding of dance music community websites like DallasDanceMusic and NYC Electro, and work at an online digital store for one of the longest running vinyl shops in New York City called Dancetracks. While her musical influences are extensive and span a wide range of genres, they are primarily based in house and techno, with the Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Autechre, and µ-Ziq, among others, having had a significant impact early on. When Annesta met Gavin Stephenson in New York City, collaboration began on the Positive Pressure parties, which eventually led to her involvement with ebb + flow when it was founded by Gavin and Iman Rizky in 2013.

As a member of the ebb + flow family of artists and talent today, Annesta has a chameleon-like quality in her DJ style. She prefers to stay diverse and think outside of the box, not wanting to be pigeonholed into one particular genre. Her music always includes interesting, rebellious bass lines and has a techy yet soulful flair that creates a genre-defying vibe. Her role in ebb + flow extends beyond DJ to being an art director of all things creative. Being a burgeoning visual artist in the world outside of dance music, too, Annesta aims to bridge music and art by playing at both underground dance music parties and events in more artistic and experimental venues. Her musical and artistic sensibilities lend themselves to pushing the boundaries on all of these frontiers.